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hmm... i think that i did good. maybe a little work right there *points* or maybe there *points to a different place*


if you don't like yaoi... heh... ya might not wanna go in there... *points to the button that leads to my favs* ^^;




A Modern Magician by XxXGothicThingXxX
A Modern Magician
I had the desire to draw the Dark Magician, but I wanted to drew him in my style and a little more realistic just so see how he would look and how it would come out. I think it came out rather well =3 This is a scan of a sketch, so it's a little flat. On paper, it had shading, but what can you do?

Though I'm sure you knew that.
(Author's Note: DM = Dark Magician, FS = Flame Swords Man)

Center yourself… relax. Let your magic come to you. Make it stronger, make it lighter. Strengthen the bond…

There was a sudden thump. DM opened his eyes and looked at the elaborately decorated Gothic door leading to the other parts of their shadow realm home. He waited to see if there would be another sound, someone knocking at his door. When there wasn’t, he closed his eyes again, continuing his meditation three feet off the floor. He put his hands together, fingers bent in an old symbol.

Clear the mind, center yourself. Strengthen the magic, strengthen the bond…

Another bang, this one coming from the walls. DM sighed and rubbed his face. How did he deal with his fellow monsters? He knew he told them what would happen if he was interrupted while meditating. In fact, he told them more than once. Giving the door a small glare, he listened as the other monsters bickered.

“Stop it! You’re going to wake him up!”

“I didn’t do it! It was your clumsy moves that hit the wall!”

“Both of you shut up! You remember the last time you woke him up?!”

DM thought back to the last time he was interrupted rather fondly. There was a reason as to why some monster cards didn’t exist anymore. When the buzzing of chatter finally quieted down once more, DM put his hands together again, watching the door for a moment longer, before closing his eyes.

Calm, quiet, peace… Center yourself, feel your magic. Relax, fall deeper within yourself. Slow breaths, in and out… Feel the power in-

The walls suddenly shook as the voices outside grew into shouts. The force was enough to widen DM’s eyes and knock him to the floor. He hissed then glared at his door. For pharaoh’s sakes! He was at the end of a sodding hallway! He could overlook the last two, he wasn’t unreasonable, but that was the last straw. He stood, flicking his wrists to cause purple fire to light in his palms. He walked to his door and kicked it open with enough force to break one of the hinges. The wall hit by the flying door didn’t stand a chance again its iron fiery. Though his steps were ever so graceful, he could be heard stalking down the hall to the main part of the house.

“Oh shit.”

Every monster turned to look at the furious magician, who was gritting his teeth as he glared knives at them. It was quiet for a short moment before the FS jumped up, eyes wide. “His anger has increased his attack power to over 2,500! Every monster for themselves!” He shouted them ran, stumbling over his other monsters and furniture in the way. This cause for mass panic to break out as DM let out a cry of fiery.

“Say hello to the grave yard, ass holes!” He roared before letting out dark magic that even the pharaohs haven’t seen.
Peace and Quiet
Um... hi XD I haven't posted anything in forever. Sorry about that ^^;

This was just an idea that popped in my head as I was rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh again. I like the idea of the cards having a bit of a personality.



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United States
Metrocon's coming up! I'm so excited! Leavin' for it in 5 days <3

Ok, so here's the plan, Thursday-Sunday:

Get up and drive over to the hotel. Check in, then grab my sister (friend) and my friend and take them to my room so we can set a final battle plan and practice our skit.


Wake up, eat something, then get dressed in Ness (xxxgothicthingxxx.deviantart.c… and my friend will be Lucas with sunflowers <3 We will be doing the pairing. After a while, we'll head back and eat something, then go back to the con around maybe 3 as Thor and Loki! Formal, mind you. (xxxgothicthingxxx.deviantart.c… Now my Thor outfit is a little different than the one in the picture. I'll have a white shirt under it all, a red cape, my hammer, the mask on, and red converses. I will be the pimpest Thor ever XD And we'll be going to the ball like that too! PLUS! We'll be doing Thorki <3 Yeah baby~


Get up, complain about how much my feet and legs hurt, eat something, then get in my America costume and my sister will be England (xxxgothicthingxxx.deviantart.c… Of course we'll be doing USUK. I mean, hello? Do you really have to ask? lol Then we'll go back to the hotel, eat something, then go back to the con as Link (xxxgothicthingxxx.deviantart.c… and Dark Link! And yes, we'll be doing the pairing for that too XD IT'S A YAOI FILLED CON!! We'll also be doing the skit contest as Link and Dark, so you guys should come and see it. It's gonna be pretty awesome.

Peel my aching body out of bed, eat something, then drive home to die on the floor of my bedroom XD

Hope to see you at the con! It'll be Stellar!
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Happy birthday!
I love your Ness cosplay! You inspired me to do one for myself! The shirt may be hard to find, but I may just use a blue shirt and use yellow fabric for the stripes, or duct tape. I might not go with the red shoes. I have some black sketchers D lights that might work. I'm skipping the backpack and yo-yo. I found a hat that has nothing on it for really cheap on The bat I may skip and I'm not sure where to get a nice wig that's black and has bangs, so I may just go as a female version with brown hair instead of black. I'm only using this for Haloween, so I guess I still have some time to get the hat and stuff. Oh, and before I forget to tell you, looking at your Ness and Lucas cosplays, I thought that you had really pretty eyes, especially with eye makeup on. Anyways, I think I'm rambling, so I shall leave you be now.

PS: Since you are such a big inspiration to me, you deserve some lamas! ;D
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oo..... Um... Pardon me saying, but I can't quite put your name to a face >~< Where did we meet?
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School, I'm chibi, blonde one, hangs out with Amanda
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